About Burque

 We are an Australian based modest fashion design agency that is here to stay.

We have dedicated our lives to the hijab (headscarf) universally worn my hundreds of cultures & millions of women world wide. Our lines are inspired by Islamic traditions & culture, but not limited to.

The journey began 20 years ago when I was travelling the world and found beauty in modesty wear. Some what say I also am obsessed with quality driving me to create a solution for all of the women in the world who chose to leave home modestly. After years of trial and error the active hijab came to fruition, a world first single piece item for headwear that solves all of the problems in reliability and inconvenient multiple piece items that would traditionally be the only other option.

We are pioneers in fashion and confidence enablement for women in the 21st century.

Our promise to you

We practice the modern day slave act to its entirety. We pick and pack every piece of fabric. We will always deliver what’s promised. We will always innovate modestly with modest fashion choice and always bring you a world first product.

If I was to give some inspiration as to why my brands stands strong today and is loved by thousands of women around the world it would be below.

B - bespoke materials

U - universal in culture

R - ready for everyday

Q - quick but quality

U - universally recognised

E - excellence in quality .